3 Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

With so many different options today for teeth whitening, it can be hard to know which method might be best for you.
Here are three advantages of taking the professional route for those pearly whites!

While over-the-counter or in-store teeth whitening solutions may be extremely convenient, one setback comes to mind: One. Generic. Fit.

You could find that these solutions may fit perfectly or poorly or simply don’t fit. With professional whitening, not only would you not have to worry about the fit, but the teeth trays (if prescribed) are custom-made to the patient’s teeth and needs, ensuring evenly whitened teeth!
Stains Shall Not Pass!
Some of us have to worry about stains that have built up on our teeth over time, with some that can go deep into the enamel. The bottom line is they’re not easy to remove and take a powerful teeth whitening regimen to do so.

Since teeth whitening solutions you would find at the store only contain a small amount of peroxide, they are only able to remove light stains. Only professionals have the solutions necessary to remove those deep pesky stains.

A dentist will help safeguard your teeth and gums against sensitivity and irritation.

Having your teeth whitened by a dentist also serves as an opportunity for a teeth checkup. If they see any problems, dentists will spot and recommend teeth or gum repairs, as needed, before proceeding with teeth whitening.

Always Remember: teeth whitening is a part of dentistry. If you’re considering having your teeth professionally whitened, a dentist should only perform it. Don’t take the risk. Get your teeth whitened professionally!

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