Often an alternative to crowns or even orthodontic treatment, veneers are thin pieces of custom-shaped porcelain that are bonded to the surface of your teeth. They are an answer for teeth that are discolored or chipped, are misshapen or crooked, or for the correction of unwanted or uneven spaces.

Unlike crowns, veneers typically do not require the removal of much of the tooth. Veneers are created from an impression taken in our office. Your custom veneer is then bonded directly to your tooth. Strong and durable, veneers typically last from ten to fifteen years or more, do not stain, and can be made in any shade or shape in order to enhance one’s smile and function.

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored pieces of porcelain that are attached to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. These materials are custom-made to match your smile and act as an affordable way to enhance your appearance. The cost of veneers varies depending on the patient’s condition and the amount of work needed. Sign up for a consultation to receive accurate pricing based on your needs.

If you want a brighter, straighter, more perfect smile, porcelain veneers present an attractive option. Dr. Foote designs custom porcelain veneers according to each patient’s unique face shape, skin tone, existing dentition, and personal preferences. At your consultation, Dr. Foote will review photos with you and then help you determine which attributes of your favorite smiles would look especially attractive for you. Once the two of you have created a plan, you will return to our office for the first clinical visit.

During the initial appointment, Dr. Foote will shape your teeth, impressions will be made, and information will be gathered for the fabrication of the veneers.  You will be fitted with provisional veneers while your custom restorations are handcrafted in a dental laboratory from natural-looking porcelain. These provisional restorations are also utilized to further customize the form and function so that your final result is predictably designed. 

At your second visit, Dr. Foote will remove your provisionals and permanently place the final veneers, leaving you with a beautiful smile and comfortable bite.

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