Resin bonding is a common solution for:

  • Fixing or repairing chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Reducing unsightly gaps or spaces between teeth.
  • Hiding discoloration or faded areas on the tooth’s surface.

Resin bonding is often a perfect solution for teeth that are healthy and stable but may not look quite the way you want. Because composite resin blends with your natural teeth, you will get a pleasing look from a non-invasive procedure. The resin itself can last a decade or more, and the procedure can be completed in one or two office visits.

Advantages of Resin Bonding

  • It is a relatively quick process.
  • It usually does not require removal of the tooth’s original structure and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Resins come in many different shades and provide a match to the natural color of your teeth.

Composite resin is one of the most advanced materials used in modern dentistry. It was originally created as a more durable alternative to old-fashioned bonding materials. Composite resin is incredibly durable, making it an ideal material for small tooth repairs, fillings, and more. What once required more extensive treatment or a significantly longer time in the dental chair can now be achieved more quickly.

First, Dr. Foote and his team will choose the shade of composite resin to match your teeth. Often, even the patient cannot tell where the natural tooth ends and the composite resin begins. In most cases, there is no tooth preparation necessary, and an anesthetic is not needed. Once the resin is applied to the tooth, a curing light will be used to harden the material. It is a relatively simple and non-invasive way to improve your smile.  Dr. Foote will gladly answer any of your questions regarding resin bonding and can tell you what treatment is right for you.

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