Many of us are concerned about our smile and how other people view us when we smile at them, and surveys consistently show that a  nice smile is among the top things which people first notice about others. Having a bright, attractive smile can certainly help to make a great first impression and it can also give us a boost of self-confidence. Fortunately, a professionally supervised, at-home teeth whitening procedure will allow you to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile. The following home teeth whitening tips can help you to get started and keep you on the right path.

Clean the Surface First

A problem with discolored teeth often occurs over time and in some cases, it is nothing more than a surface problem. You can correct some problems with proper home care and professional cleaning at your dentist’s office.

Pay Attention to the Instructions

One of the difficulties that many people experience with home teeth whitening is that they simply don’t pay attention to the instructions. Your dentist will give you specific verbal and written instructions on how to use the whitening product.

Pay Attention to Symptoms

Discomfort or pain in the teeth or gums while using the whitening product can slow or stop the process, so contact your dentist if you should experience any of these symptoms. By using the correct amount of the appropriate strength of whitening material, almost anyone can whiten their teeth in a comfortable, predictable way. The length of time might also need to be adjusted, along with using a special toothpaste for desensitizing.

Schedule an Appointment

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