Is It Worth It to Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Creating a smile you are comfortable with goes a long way! Whether you are meeting new people, going on a first date, or catching up with old friends, having confidence in your smile is important.

Some ask, ‘is it worth getting your teeth whitened?’ While it’s ultimately up to you, investing in something that boosts your confidence is definitely worth considering.

First, What Causes Teeth Stains?

You may wonder how your teeth stains even got there in the first place. You could have extrinsic stains which live on the surface of your teeth. These stains are easy to whiten! Reasons for these types of stains could be coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, and pop. 

The other type of stain is called an intrinsic stain, which is within and beneath the tooth enamel. These stains are caused by aging, smoking, using antibiotics during tooth development, or defects within the tooth. There are ways to treat this kind of stain as well.

At-Home Whitening

Some people have reservations when it comes to spending a good amount of money on teeth whitening. If this is where you’re at, there are some great home whitening methods you can try.

There are whitening strips, toothpaste, trays, and many other whitening options to pick from. This process will take longer than a standard professional whitening session, though. In the end, you could spend less money at once, but it takes a lot longer to get the results you want over a professional treatment.

Certain home whitening methods can cause irritation, including tooth and gum sensitivity. To be sure, ask your dentist if you are hesitant about a particular home whitening method.

Professional Whitening 

If you want faster whitening results, professional whitening is for you. Patients with yellow teeth respond much quicker to a professional whitening treatment than those with gray or antibiotic-stained teeth. If you have questions about professional whitening, talk to us today to get started!

Bryan G. Foote offers professional teeth whitening in Columbia, MO. We can evaluate your tooth color at your consultation and create a customized whitening treatment plan that best meets your needs.