3 Myths of Teeth Whitening

Like any procedure, it can be scary going in if you don’t have all the information. Here are some myths about teeth whitening you should know about.

MYTH 1: Teeth whitening can damage your teeth.

Did you know that your teeth are like sponges?

They actually have small pores that absorb what you put onto them. Obviously, in cases like wine, coffee, etc, this can lead to having discolored, stained teeth.

Good teeth whitening gel absorbs into your teeth and uses active ingredients to gently push out the stains from your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is not only very effective, but it’s an extremely safe procedure.

MYTH 2: It’s not normal to have sensitive teeth after whitening.

This is false. In truth, it is completely normal to have sensitive teeth after whitening. In fact, 60% of Americans have naturally sensitive teeth!

To combat teeth sensitivity, your teeth naturally work to insulate the nerves they’re connected to so as to not be pained by changes in temperature. During a teeth whitening session, your teeth get dehydrated.

This temporary dehydration lessens your teeth’s ability to properly insulate the tooth nerves against temperature changes, resulting in increased tooth sensitivity. Not to worry, this sensitivity normally dissipates within 12-36 hours after being whitened.

MYTH 3: Teeth whitening will make my teeth look fake.

Afraid you’ll walk away with some terrifyingly white set of fangs? Not to worry, whitening is a progressive process, so they won’t be discolored one day and blindingly white the next! In fact, there is only a certain level of whitening that one can achieve, which all depends on the color of your teeth when you started the treatment. So, enjoy those pearly whites!

Remember: teeth whitening is a part of dentistry. If you’re considering having your teeth professionally whitened, it should only be performed by someone trained in dentistry: a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist. Don’t put your teeth at risk!

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