The History of Dental Crowns

Dentistry has had a storied past, from the Sumerians in 5000 B.C. writing about dental problems to today’s cosmetic dentistry. It is a fascinating (and a bit scary) history. We all remember tales of the local barber or blacksmith who added the dentist’s job to their duties. And of course, who can forget George Washington’s … Continued

Why Your Smile is Important to Your Success

The director of the Missouri Junior Miss competition wrapped up the first day’s activities with one statement, “Remember girls, your most important asset is your smile. Use it!” A great smile isn’t just for successful models and movie stars. Research says a healthy, happy smile is critical to everyone’s success. People who cover their mouths … Continued

What Are the Products that You Carry?

Columbia, MO Dental Office – Our Products The at-home dental products that we carry are specifically designed to help you with your home care needs and are compatible with our message of prevention. CariFree – oral rinse CariFree is company which produces high-quality, preventive products. At this time, we carry their CTx3 rinse and CTx2 … Continued

Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Columbia, MO People often ask if or why their wisdom teeth need to be removed, and even why they have wisdom teeth in the first place. Without going into the theories about why our jaws often don’t have the room required to accommodate wisdom teeth, the problem is generally that there … Continued

Will My Insurance Cover This?

Dental insurance does not typically function in the same way as health insurance. A more appropriate term for the product is a “dental benefit plan.” Often times, after a required deductible is met for that year, the plan will cover a certain percentage of allowed procedures up to a yearly maximum. The rate at which … Continued

What About My Cracked Tooth?

A cracked tooth can be a painful problem with an unpredictable future. Cracks can be very superficial and cause no symptoms or can be so extensive that a tooth extraction is required. Generally speaking, cracks always progress and worsen, but the rate of progression varies. We tend to see cracks associated with large fillings, but … Continued

Continuing Education: Kois Center in Seattle

As a Kois Center Graduate (, Dr. Foote recently attended the Center’s annual symposium in Seattle. This was an incredible event and a great time to catch up with over 400 graduates from thirteen countries. Located on the shore of Lake Union, the Kois Center is a didactic and clinical program made up of nine … Continued

What Can Dental Implants Do For Me?

Dental Implants Replace Teeth As discussed in a previous entry on this page, dental implants are used to replace teeth. These can be individual or multiple teeth, including an entire mouth. implants Secure a Complete Denture A very common utilization for even as few as two implants is to secure a complete denture. Because removable … Continued

Are You In My Insurance Network?

We are happy to file any forms which are needed by your insurance company. There are two companies with which we have preferred provider status, and they are Blue Cross/Blue Shield (300 level) and Delta Dental (Premier level). If you are on a preferred provider list of another company, you will still likely receive benefits … Continued

Momom Recap

The fourth Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM) was a great success, thanks to a tremendous level of organization, donation, and volunteerism. We are fortunate to live in such a great community where this could take place. Here are a few points about this year’s MOMOM event, courtesy of the Missouri Dental Association: 2 Day Free … Continued