What Are the Products that You Carry?

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The at-home dental products that we carry are specifically designed to help you with your home care needs and are compatible with our message of prevention.

CariFree – oral rinse

CariFree is company which produces high-quality, preventive products. At this time, we carry their CTx3 rinse and CTx2 spray. The rinse has a prescription level of fluoride, xylitol (anti-cavity) and an alkaline (basic) pH which helps to buffer the acidity that causes decay. Over-the-counter rinses not only do not have the same level of fluoride but are also often acidic, which can often be problematic when it comes to decay prevention.

In addition, some may contain alcohol in order to prolong shelf life, which can be irritating to soft tissue and dry the mouth. The CTx2 spray can be used as needed and is beneficial to those with a dry mouth that could result from medications, age, or other physical conditions. It provides comfort, stimulates salivary flow, and has xylitol.

Clinpro – Toothpaste by 3M

Clinpro is a toothpaste made by 3M which has a prescription level of fluoride and has a low RDA (relative dental abrasivity)—see the blog entitled, “Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?” for more on this. We also carry another toothpaste, Fluoridex, which is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS is an ingredient found in most toothpastes that can be irritating to soft tissue and can also be a causative agent in aphthous ulcers, aka canker sores.

Sonicare – Electric Toothbrushes

Our Sonicare electric toothbrushes tend to be more effective in plaque removal than manual toothbrushes. The oscillation of the bristles combined with the timer result in improved oral health.


Finally, Waterpiks are extremely effective in removing plaque and debris from between the teeth and below the gum line. While floss obviously has its place in a home care regimen, Waterpiks often go beyond what floss can do. Furthermore, Waterpiks are more effective in removing harmful bacteria from below the gum line in those patients with periodontal disease (bone loss).

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